We Help Small Business Owners Thrive Through Strong Financial Insight, Diligent Tax Compliance and Healthy Cash Flow


Our Solutions

We help you with three critical financial solutions to achieve measurable success in your business

Powerful Financial Insights​

As your Guide, we help you translate complex financials to simple and less intimidating information. With this increased understanding of your business, you can make timely and intelligent decisions that fuel your business success.
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Diligent Tax Compliance

Always feeling stress during tax season, surprise with a huge tax bill, or worrying about receiving an IRS letter? With FAS Team on your side, we will help you get through the tax preparation and filing.
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Healthy Cash Flow

The lack of cash is one of the biggest reasons why most small businesses fail. We will help you achieve a healthy cash position through an effective cash flow planning and a logical cost management.
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Do you know the long term financial impact of the business decisions you make today?

Imagine feeling so frustrated after discovering that your financial records are unreliable, or that your company is under an IRS audit, or your business is in negative cashflow position and can’t pay your next payroll?

Everything about small business ownership is changing. FAS team helps business owners bring significant changes in the way their company’s financial is managed, monitored and measured to gain meaningful financial insights, proper income tax reporting, and better cash flow management.

Quick Start

1: Foresee

Let’s have a talk about your envisioned success.

We make sure that we customized the financial services that your company needs and help you every step of the way as you work hard to build your business success. Whether it is bookkeeping, tax return preparation or IRS representation, or simply needing a Financial Consultant on your side to bounce ideas with or creating a cash flow budget, we can help.

2: Acquire

After we have customized the financial services that your company needs, we will make sure that we work together as a team.

You will acquire reliable and timely financial information and you will have access to your Financial Partner that respond to you on a timely manner and is willing to help you achieve the major milestones in your business, whether it is expansion through another business acquisition or assisting with your business loan application.

3: Succeed

Be the leader.

Achieve your desired result with us behind you guiding you with each step.

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