Bookkeeping and Tax Compliance

Essential Pillars for Business Success

Beyond Bookkeeping: Your Complete Finance Team

Think of us as more than bookkeepers – we’re like your own finance department. While our bookkeeping ensures you understand your financial position and avoid penalties, we also guide you on where your business is heading. Knowing your current status is good, but anticipating future challenges and opportunities is even better.

Here’s how we make a difference:

Our team is not only skilled in professional bookkeeping and QuickBooks Online software but also seasoned in business and financial analysis. We excel at identifying trends and providing insights that propel your business forward, helping you avoid potential pitfalls. Our dedication goes beyond numbers; we genuinely care about you and the success of your business.

Beyond Tax Compliance: Your Tax Strategy Partner

Consider us not just as your professional tax preparer, but as your tax strategy team. We do more than ensure compliance and penalty avoidance.  It’s important to know your current tax standing, but planning ahead for tax changes and opportunities is what truly makes a difference.

Here’s how we make a difference:

Our team isn’t just experienced in tax preparation and adept with tax planning tool; we’re also constantly updating our knowledge with the latest, often complex and ever-changing tax laws. This ongoing education is crucial in ensuring that we help you stay tax compliant. Our holistic approach looks at your business’s broader financial picture, crafting strategies for growth while staying tax compliant and maximizing tax saving opportunities. With us, you’re not just getting through tax season; you’re setting your business up for long-term success, with a team that’s as invested in your future as you are.

Defining Success – It's More Than Just Numbers!

At our core, we believe that success in business isn’t just about profits. It’s a balance of freedom and peace – essential ingredients for true achievement.

Here’s what we wish for you:

We’re here to guide you towards not just financial success but a state of freedom and peace. 

See how we make a difference, one client at a time

FAS saved us from disaster!

Their commitment to excellence and the attention they pay to the details of my business surpasses my previous experience and current expectations. I appreciate their financial expertise, professionalism and reliable service. Cristy is just an email or phone call away and always ready to answer questions I have or provide assistance when needed.

I highly recommend FAS Bookkeeping & Tax Services.

Rachelle K. Sheely PhD President, RDIconnect, Inc

With everything that you need to juggle as a small business owner, it’s so easy to get busy and take your eye off the ball.

For business owners, starting with the right bookkeeping and tax service firm is key. We have been working with FAS since 2014. Cristy & Dennis are both reliable and with high work ethics. I have peace of mind and can focus on growing my business while FAS handles the financials.

I highly recommend FAS Bookkeeping & Tax Services, a company you can trust.

Angus P. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts

I hired FAS Bookkeeping and Tax Services to do my books since 2018; their Professionalism and attention to Detail makes me go with them.

They recently was going over our books and found that our Payroll Company took a large sum of money out of our business account since October of 2020. They notified me about this draft so I contacted the Payroll Company which have no good explanation for what they did and will therefore be losing my business here soon.

For honesty and integrity, FAS should be the company you should talk to.

Dawda K. Eurmove

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