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Small Business Virtual Bookkeeping & Tax Service Bundle

Are you thinking of having a professional to handle the bookkeeping and income tax preparation for your company but worried about spending too much money on monthly fees?

After working with small business owners for many years, we found a solution that combines (1) your involvement and ownership in the monthly financial process, (2) leveraging technology, and (3) utilizing our financial expertise where it is most needed to help you have access to an accurate and up-to-date financial information.

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Details of Service: Essential Thriving Scale-Up
Includes QuickBooks Online monthly subscription fee
Unlimited free data storage to FAS' secured Financial Records Hub (FRH)
Support Email Correspondence Email Correspondence Email and Phone Correspondence
Recording (up to) 100 Transactions 250 Transactions 500 Transactions
Reconciliation (up to) 1 Bank Account, 1 Credit Card Account OR up to 2 accounts 3 Bank Accounts, 2 Credit Card Accounts OR up to 5 accounts 5 Bank Accounts and 3 Credit Card Accounts OR up to 8 accounts
Monthly Financial Information Package and Trend Analysis
Discussion of Financial Results & Consultation Annually Semi-annually Quarterly
Tax Preparation
Business Income Tax Preparation

Why Hire FAS?

Steer your business success...

...before uncontrolled events steer its failure. ...before uncontrolled events steer its failure. ...before uncontrolled events steer its failure.

FAS provides Reliable Financial Information to build a successful business

With Reliable Financial Information, you can cut through the clutter/noise and focus on a clear path to success. We help you succeed with reliable bookkeeping, payroll support and income tax reporting

FAS provides access to an Enrolled Agent (EA), the highest credential the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) awards to tax professionals

An Enrolled Agent (EA) is as qualified as a CPA to handle your income tax preparation and IRS representation
See the similarities!

Leverage Cloud Technology for increased operational efficiencies

FAS helps you leverage secure cloud technology to transform your small business to drive cost efficiencies and improve alignment with customers to serve them better

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Similarities and Differences of EA and CPA