Tax Calendar for American Expats Filing in 2022


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Tax Calendar for American Expats Filing in 2022

Keeping yourself up to date with the latest tax news is hard especially if you are nowhere near the US, keeping tax deadlines is just as hard.

As we all know, American expats are required to file US taxes, as US taxation is based on citizenship and not on residency. That means that American citizens or Green Card holders are required to report their worldwide income every year on Form 1040. Meanwhile, most countries simply tax people based on residence.

But it’s not all bad news because there are plenty of credits and exclusion an American expat can take advantage to avoid double taxation. Three of the most notable IRS provisions that you can take advantage of as an American expat are the Foreign Tax Credit and the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, and the Foreign Housing Exclusion. These provisions greatly help American expats to avoid double taxation

As an American expat you may also need to report your foreign financial accounts, investments, and businesses. It is best if you always seek the advice of an experienced Enrolled Agent when you are dealing with taxes, as these provisions can get messy and complicated and are prone to cause errors in filing.

Tax filing dates are different when you’re filing abroad as an American Expat. Here is the Tax Filing Calendar 2022 for American Expats. It contains all the relevant dates you might need. For most American expats though, the following three dates are the most important:


  1. April 18, 2022

    American expats filing from abroad don’t have to file in April like Americans living in the State do. However, if you’re a high earner who lives in a country with lower income tax rates than the US, or if you’re self-employed or owe any past due US tax, then you’ll need to make a payment by April 18 this year, as April 15, 2022 is a holiday in Washington DC.

  2. June 15, 2022

    American expat tax filing deadline is set on June 15, 2022. This means that if you are filing your 2021 tax returns, you’re filing deadline is on June 15, 2022. Unless you request for an extension by filing Form 4868 to the IRS.

  3. October 17, 2022

    If you requested for an extension, you will have until October 17 to file this year. This is the final deadline for American expats filing abroad. October 15 falls on a Saturday so American expats have until the 17th to file their taxes.


2022 US Expat Tax Calendar

  1. January

    01/18/22 (Tue) 4th and final installment of individual quarterly estimated taxes.

    01/24/22 (Mon) IRS E-file Opening Date.

  2. March

    03/15/22 (Tue) S-Corp and LLC Tax Returns Due.

    03/15/22 (Tue) Trust/Foreign Trusts Tax Returns Due.

  3. April

    04/18/22 (Mon) File 6-month extension if residing within the US.

    04/18/22 (Mon) Interest will accrue from this date if taxes are due.

    04/18/22 (Mon) Individual tax return due if residing within the US.

    04/18/22 (Mon) C-Corp Tax Returns Due.

    04/18/22 (Mon) 1st installment of individual estimated taxes for the current year.

  4. June

    06/15/22 (Wed) File extension to October 15th if residing outside the US.

    06/15/22 (Wed) Individual tax return due if residing outside the US.

    06/15/22 (Wed) Individual deadline to pay tax due & avoid failure to pay penalty; interest will still have accrued however from 4/18/22.

    06/15/22 (Wed) 2nd installment of estimated taxes due for the current year.

  5. September

    09/15/22 (Thu) Extended filing deadline for S-Corp and Partnership Returns.

    09/15/22 (Thu) Extended filing deadline for trusts.

    09/15/22 (Thu) 3rd installment of estimated taxes due for the current year.

  6. October

    10/17/22 (Mon) Extended filing deadline for individual and C-Corp US tax returns

    10/17/22 (Mon) Final due date for FBAR (automatic extension)

    10/17/22 (Mon) All 12/15/22 secondary extension requests for taxpayers outside the US must be postmarked no later than the end of the day.


Bottom line

Keeping this American Expat Tax Filing Calendar 2022 in mind is hard especially when you are too busy working from abroad. However, failing to remember these dates could land you with hefty penalties or harsh fines from the IRS. The good news is you can always hire an experienced Enrolled Agent to do prepare your taxes for you and to file them as well. If you don’t want the burden of filing your US taxes this year, send us a message and we’ll handle them for you!

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