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Achieving strong financial insights into your business performance starts with reliable, accurate and timely information. This reliability can be achieved when there is shared passion for accurate and timely financial information. 

With the FAS team on your side, you have access to the following:

  • Meaningful monthly financial information (profit & loss, balance sheet)
  • Insightful financial analysis
  • Monitoring actual performance against KPIs (key performance indicators), industry benchmarks
  • Detailed, understandable cash flow analysis (sources, uses of cash)
  • Customized management reporting (break-even, pricing, cost efficiency, profit analysis)
Ready for Tax Season

We understand that as a business owner, taking care of your employees is key in achieving a high performing team. This includes paying employees accurately and on time.  There are also state and federal requirements that small business employers must comply with. 

Whether your business has a simple or complex payroll needs, FAS is here to support you.

Tax Preparation Services Katy and Houston TX

We help small business owners achieve a smooth and stress-free tax-filing process. With FAS’ disciplined approach,  you can take a proactive, logical and efficient approach to filing taxes. 

With the FAS team on your side, you have access to these services:

  • Annual financial check-up to assist in having accurate records as the basis for tax preparation
  • Tax planning to forecast tax liability
  • An overview of finances to plan and manage cash flow
IRS Solutions, Tax Problem Solutions

We know how intense and stressful it is when a taxpayer receives an IRS letter.

We help you get through this stressful situation and achieve resolution.  We provide the following support as part of our IRS response assistance package:

  • Explain why you are receiving this IRS letter;
  • Do a tax research, discuss the results with you and based on this, provides you a draft of your IRS response letter;
  • Guide you and answer questions you may have as you review, finalize and send your response letter to the IRS.

The above provides the resources and expert advice you need from an Enrolled Agent, the highest credential the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) awards to tax professionals, to confidently respond to an IRS letter.

Steer your business success...

FAS provides Reliable Financial Information to build and sustain a successful business

With Reliable Financial Information, you can cut through the clutter/noise and focus on a clear path to success. We help you succeed with reliable bookkeeping, payroll support and income tax reporting

FAS provides access to an Enrolled Agent (EA), the highest credential the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) awards to tax professionals

An Enrolled Agent (EA) is as qualified as a CPA to handle your income tax preparation and IRS representation
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Leverage Cloud Technology for increased operational efficiencies

FAS helps you leverage secure cloud technology to transform your small business to drive cost efficiencies and improve alignment with customers to serve them better