Individual Income Tax

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Filing your income tax return is an annual certainty, regardless of whether you’re employed or running your own business. With U.S. tax laws becoming increasingly complicated, handling your taxes on your own can lead to more confusion than clarity. By having FAS to handle this, you can steer clear of typical tax errors. This not only saves time and money in the long run but also assures you that you’re fully compliant with tax laws and off the IRS’s radar, bringing you invaluable peace of mind.

Digital (Crypto) Currency Income Tax

Tax Services

In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, FAS is at the forefront, embracing technology and staying updated with the latest tax laws and regulations. As digital currency becomes a common feature in investment portfolios and everyday transactions, the complexity of IRS rules surrounding digital currency increases. Attempting to manage your digital currency tax reporting on your own could lead to expensive errors. Our method for handling digital currency income tax reporting ensures full compliance with IRS standards, giving you peace of mind. With the expertise of an Enrolled Agent on your team, you’ll have the assurance that your tax reporting is in line with the most current IRS guidelines, protecting you from costly mistakes and potential non-compliance.

Why Not Just Use Online Tax Software?

While online tax software can be a handy tool, it works best if you have the time and willingness to keep up with the ever-changing, complex tax rules and regulations. Without this knowledge, you might end up making mistakes, overpaying on your taxes or spending hours on a task that’s not exactly the best use of your precious time.