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  • Stressed during tax season?
  • Surprised with a huge tax bill?
  • Worried seeing an IRS letter?
You shouldn’t be with proper advice, planning & execution.

Business Income Tax

Effective tax compliance happens not just during the filing season but year-round (365). FAS combines tax planning and tax brief to complement our tax service so business owners are well informed, prepared, and confident.  With this strategy, we help clients avoid stress, surprises, and cashflow crunch at tax time.  

Our team works throughout the year to help you plan so you can always make the best financial decisions that have a tax impact.

FAS provides the following:

  • Mid-year tax planning
  • Periodic tax brief to highlight top-of-mind issues for business owners
  • Open communication to forecast tax liability
  • Year-end preparation through collaboration
  • Secured and convenient online system to collect tax supporting documents
  • January-February early-start to income tax preparation to remove stress and costly mistakes

Individual Income Tax

Whether you are an employed individual or a sole proprietor, filing your income tax return (like it or not) happens every year. US tax laws are more complex than ever and doing it yourself can raise more questions than answers.  Avoid common tax mistakes by hiring an Enrolled Agent.  This saves you time and money in the long term and most importantly will give you peace of mind.

With FAS by your side, you have support from an Enrolled Agent, the highest credential the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) awards to tax professionals, to take care of your tax preparation and filing needs.

Individual Income Tax Services | Katy and Houston TX

Crypto Income Tax

The world of finance is changing and it’s changing fast! Here at FAS, we don’t shy away from technology and the future – We embrace it!

As the world starts embracing cryptocurrencies, more and
more people are adding it to their investment portfolio. But with the
ever-evolving IRS rules and tax laws based around blockchain technology, making a costly mistake by DIY your crypto income tax reporting is not a question of “if” but “when”.


Our approach to crypto income tax preparation allows you to
have the peace of mind that your crypto investments are compliant with the IRS reporting requirements. With FAS, you will get the full support of an Enrolled Agent to ensure that your crypto income tax reporting adheres to the latest guidelines of the IRS. Saving you from penalties and interest!

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