Common Bookkeeping Mistakes of Startup Business Owners

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Any bookkeeping, business or tax article contained in this communication, including attachments and enclosures, is not intended as a thorough, in-depth analysis of specific issues, nor a substitute for a formal opinion, nor can it be used to avoid tax-related penalties. If desired, we would be pleased to perform the requisite research and provide you with a detailed written analysis. Such an engagement may be the subject of a separate engagement letter that would define the scope and limits of the desired consultation services.

Bookkeeping is critical to all businesses and is often seen as a big challenge particularly for startup business owners.

The following are common bookkeeping mistakes and tips on how to avoid them:

  1. Underestimating the Importance of Bookkeeping

Common Bookkeeping Mistakes

Owners think that bookkeeping is just a simple thing to get over with. They give it less importance or put it in the back burner until they realize they have a problem. In reality, bookkeeping is not an easy task. It does not only include numbers but also complexity.

  1. Falling Behind

Common Bookkeeping Mistakes

When the work piles up and you get further and further behind, frustration comes in. Bookkeeping is a task where if you do it every week or every month, you will not fall behind and be in control.

  1. Math Gone Wrong

Common Bookkeeping Mistakes

Mistakes are what we want to prevent. And if numbers are included, mistakes may be present.  Always double check to ensure accuracy. 

  1. Throwing Things Away

Common Bookkeeping Mistakes

Holding onto receipts, records or any document that concerns your business is a must. If you think whether it is relevant or not, still, keep it. Store all these financial documents in a place where you can access them. To be safer, you can take a picture of it and store them on online storages. The key to effective bookkeeping is keeping and recording business-related financial transactions. 

  1. Thinking Small

Common Bookkeeping Mistakes

According to (2019), the going concern principle is the assumption that an entity will remain in business for the foreseeable future. It means that your business is not just for short-term. The concept is to think that your business will go a long way and grow.  Be sure that everything you do in relation to bookkeeping can be easily scaled to grow with your business.

  1. Doing It All

Common Bookkeeping Mistakes

Many startup business owners try to do everything on their own due to cash flow constraints, but end up pay more to clean up their financial records.  Leave the complex and time-consuming task of bookkeeping to the professionals. Instead of doing it all and making mistakes, hire a professional bookkeeper to ensure your books are maintained correctly and up to date. Hiring a professional bookkeeper may be one of the best decisions you will make as you grow your business.

If you want to avoid encountering these common bookkeeping mistakes, contact us today at or (832) – 437 – 0385.

Common Bookkeeping Mistakes

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