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FAS provides the following:

Middle of year tax planning

Open communication to forecast tax liability

Year-end preparation through collaboration

Periodic tax brief to highlight top-of-mind issues for business owners

Secured and convenient online system to collect tax supporting documents

January-February early-start to tax preparation to remove stress and costly mistakes

Frequency Asked Questions

Income Tax Preparation FAQs

The last thing you want to do when you’re trying to fulfill the daily responsibilities of managing a business is spend time worrying about taxes. The best way to handle it is by getting a tax preparation service provider that is IRS Certified.

A tax deduction allows you to write off a portion of your business income so that you can offset it with other expenses, lowering the amount of taxes that you’ll owe (or altogether eliminate them). It’s important for business owners to know what deductions are available, so they can take advantage of them during the year and not be in a rush at the end of the year when trying to figure out which expenses qualify.

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Income tax brackets are the percentages of taxes you pay on your taxable income through an annual tax return. It can be a confusing thing to comprehend even if you’re a person that understands things like taxes and finances but maybe have a little bit of trouble visualizing exactly how it works in practice.

The percentage is what tells you how much income tax you’re going to pay for every dollar of your income that falls in a specific range.

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Have you ever filed your income tax for a few years or plan on starting this year? If you answered yes, I would guess you are curious to know how federal income tax is calculated. So if you want to improve your understanding of the process and know exactly how the IRS views your taxable income, continue reading this Tax Guide as it will give you all the details on Federal Income Tax Calculation.

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Due to the rapid rise of cryptocurrencies, there has been an increase in the number of individuals that have started trading digital currency. As cryptocurrency gains popularity, more traders will be making purchases with this currency.

Recent regulations by states and countries like Japan, China, South Korea, and Canada, you might find yourself in a tax-related situation if you are working with cryptocurrency. This can lead to you being able to hold onto your money or be forced to part with it.

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If you’ve been involved with cryptocurrencies at all, or have yet to get into the game, you might be wondering just how to report cryptocurrency on your taxes. The simple answer is that you’ll report them in basically the same way as you would any other investment. However, let’s dive a little deeper into the subject and figure out the best way for you to record your cryptocurrency transactions for your tax return – so you can remain stress-free during the tax season.

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