We help American citizens and green card holders living in Canada to comply with the tax rules for both US Internal Revenue Service and Canada Revenue Agency.  

We help Canadians working in United States whether part time or full time or those living in the US for some parts of the year, sort out complicated US tax issues on residency or dual status.  

With our office in Katy, Texas and our office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, you have access to our tax professionals to assist with your cross border tax compliance needs. 

Steer your business success...

FAS provides Reliable Financial Information to build a successful business

With Reliable Financial Information, you can cut through the clutter/noise and focus on a clear path to success. We help you succeed with reliable bookkeeping, payroll support and income tax reporting

FAS provides access to an Enrolled Agent (EA), the highest credential the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) awards to tax professionals

An Enrolled Agent (EA) is as qualified as a CPA to handle your income tax preparation and IRS representation
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Leverage Cloud Technology for increased operational efficiencies

FAS helps you leverage secure cloud technology to transform your small business to drive cost efficiencies and improve alignment with customers to serve them better