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The Secret of Successful CPA Firms to Inflated Profit?Outsourcing Bookkeeping

Outsourcing bookkeeping work is becoming more and more important to growing CPA firms.

Balancing critical operational tasks for busy CPA firms has always been a struggle when you begin to reach greater heights in your business. The challenge to find time in completing tasks becomes painfully tedious that you could be missing exciting opportunities to increasing your small business profitability.

There is a pyramid of opportunities unknown to many CPA firms who continue to struggle with the day-to-day operational tasks in the efforts to continue serving their clients that requires extensive amount of time. This leaves no juncture for business expansion being consumed in operational activities.

So what is the secret of successful CPA firms? It's about getting help.

No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit. -Andrew Carnagie

A strategic management aimed at reaching the vertex of business success seeks to increase efficiency and opens doors of opportunities to expand and grow the business. And there is one effective way to do this: leverage outsourcing your bookkeeping department.

In this short presentation video, we showed you how successful CPA firms gain profitable favor by leveraging the power of outsourcing bookkeeping services.


Let us discuss the benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping services for growing CPA firms in greater length.

It's a scalable solution

When your small business requires additional manpower on peak months such as during tax season, you are facing two costly problems:
  1. Training newly hired in-house bookkeeping staff
  2. Improving turnaround to deliver all backlogs
When you partner with another bookkeeping firm like FAS, with the capacity to run your back-office services, you get to leverage the one solution for all your operational challenges, plus added benefits including
  • the flexibility to call into play additional bookkeeping staff and keep the option to scale back down to regular manpower count as soon as peak season ends
  • the profitable advantage of curbing heavy investment in permanent staffing and converting your cost on labor force from a fixed cost to a variable cost
  • the opportunity for direct access to skilled, trained, and experienced professionals in servicing required specific functions
  • the ability to deliver all backlog tasks within satisfactory turnaround time

It's important to keep in mind to outsource your bookkeeping services to a local company. It's understandable to be skeptical and worry about customer poaching by the outsourced local bookkeeping firm and certain commercial confidentiality.

At FAS, qualified financial advisor in Katy helps local CPA bookkeeping firms in the greater Texas including areas in Fulshear and Houston with basic bookkeeping and bookkeeping tasks including analysis of financial reports without having to directly communicate with clients. For growing small to mid-sized CPA firms that may require CFO-level expertise, it can be financially painful to sustain a full-time CFO for the entire yearly cycle. Engaging with specialized outsourced local bookkeeping services provides the flexibility to customize unique business requirements that you can request on an "as needed" arrangement.

So when you begin to think about it even more and consider internal controls that will help prevent the risks of robbing you of your clients and preserve confidentiality, you will reap greater benefits in terms of higher productivity that is equivalent to greater profitability, which is the key to growing your bookkeeping practice and your business.

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It provides access to technology solutions

Outsourced bookkeeping service providers heavily invest in technology that you may not otherwise be capable of sustaining on your own. Leveraging on the technology investment brings greater empowerment to your CPA firm.

A reputable outsourcing provider of the bookkeeping services maintains updated innovative solutions to support the unique requirements of your business. This means they can offer integrated solutions to ensure the use of up-to-date technology. They also assume the responsibility to upgrade the technology infrastructure as needed, which includes strict and comprehensive security compliance.

What you should ensure is the capability of the bookkeeping service firm to support and integrate their tools with your technology programs. Evaluate their practice management programs that your firm will need to streamline your tasks effectively. The software helps you manage client database, apply standardized billing fee notes and track tasks or project progress. You would also want to avoid the heavy expenses on ERP systems and any other technology that supports your internal staff.

Keep in mind that the Big Four bookkeeping firms are now targeting small and mid-sized businesses and their ability to invest in technology infrastructures is no match to your capital. If your CPA firm cannot keep up with the fast-paced technology advancements, you could be losing your existing and struggle acquiring new ones. Sealing a partnership with a local bookkeeping service provider with advanced technology infrastructure is one way to match the Big Four at a local service level moving up your CPA firm one step ahead to provide enhanced services such as digital tax returns and digital tax system without painful capital investments.

Generally, your CPA firm can reap the technology benefits from outsourced bookkeeping providers, which includes<
  • the opportunity to share in the technology infrastructure investments made by the outsourcing service provider
  • the advanced security advantages
  • the reduced expenses on sustaining innovative system updates and upgrades


It opens opportunity for extension of service offerings

A smartly efficient driver of growth is to eliminate chunky investments in developing new product or service from scratch. When you want to extend your product or service line that will bring in additional revenue for your business, you can leverage complementary services provided by your outsourced bookkeeping service provider.

For example, at FAS, shared cloud-based technology programs give you the ability to streamline your bookkeeping processes such as automating your expenses entries where you can capture receipts with your smartphone camera and it becomes an automatic entry under your expenses. Receipts are systematically stored in the cloud that gives you access anywhere, anytime and resolves the common problem of incomplete receipt attachments for the taxman due to loss or damage. This service can be offered to your clients as part of your extended service offer.

You can essentially grow your practice leveraging on the skill expertise of your bookkeeping service supplier while eliminating heavy costs on technology investments, distribution processes, support staff, and all other necessary operational activities to offer such service. Therefore, your CPA firm
  • gains the ability to extend your products and services line generating additional revenue stream
  • efficiently drives business growth minus financially painful investments
  • eliminates excessive time and inflated expenses on developing new products and services from ground up, which includes forming a team to support the new product or service


It's a cost-effective solution

Done right and engaged with the right bookkeeping service partner, outsourcing is a cost-effective solution for growing CPA firms seeking to expand business.

An important consideration when selecting a service partner to fulfill bookkeeping tasks is the ability to accurately perform the core administrative functions that usually take the lion's share in your time. This way, you can re-focus your time, attention and energy to more important tasks related to revenue-generating activities and growing your CPA firm.

Optimizing your processes by using outsourced bookkeeping service has direct positive impact on profit-growth for your business. Specialized bookkeeping teams providing outsourced services strengthens the operational activities of CPA firms. It's important that you select a trusted service provider that understands your products and services and willing to work on how they can provide integrated solutions that will positively improve your operational productivity.

In a nutshell, outsourcing your bookkeeping tasks helps your CPA firm in multiple ways that strengthens your operation and reduces your operational costs, particularly on staffing your bookkeeping department, and
  • You can refocus your attention on higher revenue generating activities
  • You can optimize your processes that improves your productivity
  • You can effectively reduce cost in recruitment and training, plus you don't have to worry about employee turnover

You can download the presentation on Balancing Critical Operations: How to Leverage Outsourcing for Highly Profitable CPA Firms on SlideShare. It's free.


Power of outsourcing bookkeeping services

Getting back-office help is the key to a successfully thriving business, not only for CPA firms. There are three essential elements to improving productivity of your CPA firm
  1. Competent professional
  2. Established process and procedures that are repeatable
  3. Leveraging technology

If you are keen in growing your CPA firm and still think you can do it all, you are only stalling your potential growth. And if you still believe that outsourcing strategy only works for big businesses, think again. You could be missing a valuable opportunity to make a powerful impact on your business growth, productivity as well as bottom lines.

You must be willing to take the first steps toward outsourcing and it can consume your time until you figure out the best way to build your business with external bookkeeping service help. You have the ability to realize the unstoppable power of outsourcing to help you manage critical bookkeeping tasks of your day-to-day business operations essential to your successful growth and expansion.

Start the process of growing your CPA practice and expand your business.

We help you plan, forecast and analyze your financial data
so you can get on top of your finances today to grow your
small business big tomorrow.

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