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Event: Business Resource Workshop Series on Bookkeeping and Tax For Small Businesses

03 Jul 2017

Fontanilla Accounting Solutions Small Business Workshop
The Katy Area Chamber of Commerce presents Business Resource Workshop Series:

"5 Little Known Facts That Could Make or Break Your Business"

Don’t miss the date March 28, 2017. The event will start at around 08:30 am and estimated to end by 10:30 am.
If you are nearby Katy Chamber Office, 23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd., Ste. B205, Katy, Texas 77494, join us in this event.
The Business Resource Workshop Series features two important topics for small business enterprises:

1. Small Business Accounting and Finance Management

2. IRS Notices, Tax, and Audits




Title: 3 Troubling Financial Trends That Every Business Owner Must Watch For

This workshop will help you—

  • Understand what your numbers are telling you
  • Monitor financial trends in your business
  • Connect operating data to financial data
  • Review your checklist for success
About The Speaker: Cristy Fontanilla is the Managing Partner of Fontanilla Accounting Solutions and helps small business owners achieve financial visibility and business success through accurate and timely financial information.

Title: 2 Very Important IRS Notices That Every Business Owner Must Know

This workshop will discuss the following—

  • IRS Notices —How and when to respond?
  • Liens, levies and your right to a hearing
  • Audits and Tax Court
About the Speaker: Kate Marinacci is a partner at Martinez Nestor Marinacci, boutique tax and business firm representing clients in IRS controversy and tax matters, estate planning and probate, business formations, corporate matters, and real estate. It is the only law firm in Fort Bend County with a Board Certified Tax Attorney and a Board Certified Estate Planning and Probate Attorney.

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*This article has been updated. 6/3/17 [There were some changes to the event date and location. Please see poster ad for details.]













We help you plan, forecast and analyze your financial data
so you can get on top of your finances today to grow your
small business big tomorrow.

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