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Everything you Need to Know about your Business Financial Position

03 Jul 2017

Keeping your business afloat requires a well-devised strategy. And to properly create and implement this strategy, you need to keep tabs on your business financial position. But what, exactly, is your business financial position? As the name suggests, a company's financial position - or its financial condition - is the overall status of its assets, liabilities and owners' equity. It doesn't take much to realize that business owners need to improve their business financial position to get satisfactory results for their business. Here are some tips that can help you do just that:

Improve debt collection

The current economic situation is not a license to let outstanding payments fly out the window. Do an inventory of all your outstanding payments and chase up as many of them as possible. You can opt to provide more flexible payment solutions or keep the interest to a minimum, the important thing is to collect payment successfully.

Consolidate debt

On the other hand, if you are the one who has incurred debts, the best thing to do is to work on finalizing the payments within the agreed period. If you are having trouble settling debts, you can try various methods such as consolidating your debts. Combining and transferring outstanding debts work well if you are able to strike a good deal, such as lowering interest rates or getting more flexible payment options.

Update prices

Increase your revenues by looking at modern and more innovative marketing techniques. You can also look at the possibility of increasing the current prices of your products or services. If executed well, this could result in a stronger and smoother cashflow for your business.

Look for investments

Another distinct way to up your company's earnings is to look for investments. Put your money to work by investing in strategic and profitable business expansion activities.

Consult the experts

Putting up a business and setting a strategy in place always involves some form of risk. But if you engage professional bookkeepers and financial advisors to help you sort your critical business numbers and make strategic business decisions, you'll have better chances of hitting your business goals.


Being unaware of your actual financial condition is like moving around with both eyes closed. Can you afford to be that lax with something as crucial as your own business?

At FAS, we know exactly how to guide each of your steps, helping you move forward in the right direction as you aim to grow your business. Check out our website to know more about our bookkeeping services.

We help you plan, forecast and analyze your financial data
so you can get on top of your finances today to grow your
small business big tomorrow.

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