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7 Questions to Ask your Bookkeeper

03 Jul 2017

Bookkeeping is a tiresome yet necessary part of growing your business. With this in mind, a savvy business owner will think twice before allowing an amateur to manage his books. The question is, how exactly can you find a well-trained and credible bookkeeper? For starters, look for a legitimate CPA or non-CPA bookkeeping firm that employs professional bookkeepers under its wing. These experts should be able to give you a prompt answer when you ask these questions:

1. What are your professional qualifications as a bookkeeper?

Because bookkeepers play a crucial role in business growth and development, it is necessary that they are well-trained to take on this role. Inquire about trainings and certifications that the bookkeeper you are eyeing has at hand to further attest his or her level of expertise in bookkeeping.

2. Who will take charge of data entry tasks?

If you are outsourcing bookkeeping services from a firm. it will be good to find out if it is the bookkeeper or the other members of the team who will zero in on data entry tasks.

3. In case of errors, who will be liable for the rectification of work?

Liability is important. Aside from asking who will take on the actual role of bookkeeping, you should also try to find out what rectification processes will be in place in case errors eventually come up.

4. What are the requirements for getting the tasks done on time?

Some bookkeepers may use certain programs to speed up the bookkeeping process. Depending on their chosen program, these softwares may require receipts, invoices and financial reports in a particular format. Clarify these with your bookkeeper from the beginning.

5. Where will the work be done?

Gone were the days when you can easily assume that hiring a bookkeeper means getting someone to accomplish tasks while you look over their shoulder. With the onset of modern technologies in bookkeeping and bookkeeping, some bookkeepers may now do their work onsite, offsite or remotely. The best way to be sure is to ask.

6. How will you communicate with the financial advisor?

Open communication between the bookkeeper and the CPA or tax preparer is important as both these professionals have important roles to play in keeping a close eye on your business finances. Inquire about frequency and communications tools to manage the tasks better.

7. What is the overall cost of your professional services?

Consider engaging a professional bookkeeping or non-CPA bookkeeping firm as an investment. If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur. An amateur may charge less, but with greater chances of messing up your financial records, would it still be worth it?

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